Cook a Meal That Will Impress Your Family

Make a meal with fresh cuts of meat

You're cooking a meal for your family, and you want to amaze them. If you want to cook a world-class meal, you'll need to start with top-notch ingredients.

Get cuts of meat from Bossone Sausage & Meat Co. for your meals. Our meat is always fresh and of premium quality. Visit us now to pick up fresh cuts of meat.

Count on us for all your meat

Visit us to get custom cuts of meat for any situation. Our store has:

  • Steaks so you can fire up the grill this weekend
  • Pork chops so you can make your special someone an amazing meal
  • Fresh ground meat that will taste great in your pasta sauce
  • Chicken breasts so you can make your famous fried chicken
  • Meatballs so you have something to snack on while you watch the big game
  • Tripe so you can make a classic Italian dish

You can also find fresh sausage and ground pork to make hearty meals. Call 315-765-6409 for more information about our fresh cuts of meat.